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It’s better to grow healthy kids than to fix broken adults!

Do kids need to be adjusted?

YES! Without a doubt!

A 2009 pediatric adverse drug reactions study shows that each year there are more than 585,000 pediatric adverse drug events requiring medical attention.

Parents take children for chiropractic adjustments for many reasons, but the primary reason is that children grow up healthier with chiropractic than without. Their bodies function better. Their brain and nervous system expresses itself in a healthier way. Most problems that children have is because their bodies are functioning or malfunctioning due to too much stimulation(hyperfunction) or not enough stimulation(hypofunction).

Example – Bedwetting past the age of 5 is considered abnormal. We find that is neurological interference from the bladder to the brain and back again. Their full bladder is not telling them to wake up. Chiropractic adjustments can often remove the interference.

Another Example – A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. These kids have nervous systems that are running at 100mph. The communication from the brain to the body and back again can be thought of like static on a T.V. Clear the communication, through adjustments, and their bodies often calm down.

Toddlers and children who have coordination problems often respond well to chiropractic.

The most common reasons we see infants are Colic, sleep issues, and nursing dysfunction. Clear out the irritations to and from the central nervous system allows the body to reach its full potential. Muscles and organs can work properly.

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