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Listen: How Does Doc Hoff Offer at-home Sleep Treatment?

For many years, I have had the ability to help family and friends over the phone that had difficulty sleeping.Through my years of training in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Reflex treatments, I found that I was able to help people who were long distances away. So, before you:

1. Spend thousands of dollars on a new mattress, or 2. Hundreds of dollars on new pillows; or 3. Take sleep aids every night. Try this.

How it Works

When I work on people over the phone or computer, there are many factors that are considered when treating patients that have difficulty sleeping:

  • The patient’s age
  • Their geographical location
  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Week of the month
  • Month of the year
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Circadian Rhythm
  • And many other factors

I will instruct you, the patient, where to tap on your body and/or put pressure holds using your hands. This stimulates reflex points that I have discovered are related to the normalization of sleep patterns based on the above criteria. It’s very easy for the patient but not so easy for me because I will be mentally calculating where the body can best accept the tapping and pressure holds.

Success Rate

Like any treatment, this method does not work for everyone. Fortunately, it works for approximately 90 percent of patients. Most people, approximately 80 percent, will feel a difference in the first treatment. Almost all, approximately 90 percent, will feel a difference within two treatments.

How Many Treatments Will It Take?

Every person is different as far as how many treatments it will take to reach normal sleep patterns. If we get a response within the first or second treatment, then most people will continue to improve with each treatment. One treatment builds on the other. Most people will reach a good sleep pattern within five treatments.

How Often Should I Get Treated?

If you reach a normal sleep pattern after the first visit, we don’t do any other treatments until your sleep pattern starts to go back into a bad pattern. When that happens, you will want to receive another treatment as soon as possible to stabilize the good sleep pattern.

Will I Need More Treatments in The Future?

Once you reach maximum results, you will probably need occasional “Tune-Up” treatments. Some will need a Tune-Up approximately one time per month, while others may need a Tune-up once every three months. Again, everyone is different. Some people have sleep patterns that are easy to correct. Others are more difficult and have built up over time.

Why Will I Need “Tune-Up” Treatments?

Many people will return to some of the factors that caused faulty sleep patterns in the first place. Some of those are:

  • Abnormal sleep cycles. Some people work “swing shifts.” This throws off your Circadian Rhythm and confuses your body, causing disrupted sleep patterns.
  • Electronic devices. Who doesn’t use computers and cell phones these days? The electromagnetic radiation will affect some people more than others.
  • Airline Flights. Some people travel a lot. Air travel will cause a number of problems, including the disruption of sleep patterns.
  • Medication and Drug use. Drugs either speed up your body’s metabolism or slows it down. This disrupts sleep patterns.

How Long Does a Treatment Session Last?

Most treatment sessions last between 4 minutes and 10 minutes. It’s very quick yet very effective. I do not need the details of your sleep pattern. I will clear all blockages that keep you from restful sleep. Be ready to treat. Due to appointment logistics, the call must be kept to a maximum of 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we won’t have time for small talk. Be ready to get right to work.

Do I Work on Children?

Yes, it works great for children as well. If your child isn’t sleeping, then the parents aren’t sleeping. The parent will hold and tap the areas I relay to the parent.

How much Does Each Treatment Cost?

Each Treatment is US$75.00. To book an appointment, you must pay in advance.

Do you have any of the below:

– Trouble Sleeping
– Insomnia
– Sleepless Nights
– Restless Sleep

If so, schedule a consultation with Doc Hoff! His remote sleep treatment is proven to help you sleep all night, correct any issues with your circadian rhythm, and relax you enough to sleep the night away without sleep aids and without sleep medication. Don’t stay up wide awake all night anymore – call us today to have sweet dreams as early as tonight.

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