Vertigo and Dizziness Treatment in Vancouver, WA

Vertigo Dizziness in Vancouver, WA

Vertigo is the feeling that you, or the room, is spinning. It is a very unsettling condition. Doctors will almost always diagnose this condition as an inner ear problem. When drugs and “Epley’s Maneuver” don’t help, they usually tell the patient that they’ll have to learn to live with it.

Dizziness is an altered sense of balance. It can also be described as feeling light-headed or feeling faint. With dizziness, first rule out problems with medication, blood pressure fluctuations, or lack of water intake. If those are ok, then come see us.

We find that many people with these symptoms have:

  1. TMJ involvement
  2. Upper neck involvement
  3. Eye/brain dysfunction

When we get these 3 areas functioning properly, their vertigo/dizziness disappears.

With gentle instrument adjustments, we are able to treat vertigo/dizziness easily. Give us a call today!

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